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THe most dangerous place to drive in the world...

What drives a person to rush towards danger rather than away from it? To step into harm’s way to save lives when other won’t? 

Rescate is a documentary that grapples with those questions through the story of the Rescate Ambar volunteer Paramedics and their leader Reynaldo Ortiz, a group that sacrifices sleep and safety to provide medical attention to the thousands of motor vehicle accidents that plague Dominican Republic. Without government funding or proper equipment, the Rescate team operate on a stretch of road that has been ranked one of the most dangerous in the world.

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The volunteers of Rescate Ambar are a group that work without financial support from the local government to save lives on the chronically under-served north coast of Dominican Republic. In absence of a proper local ambulance service, Reynaldo and his team have cobbled together donated equipment to operate as one, 24 hours a day. Every night they sleep on small mattresses in shared rooms, while still juggling jobs and families. Their main ambulance is an old catering van.

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How to help

Hoping to support the work of Rescate Ambar? You can donate through Fire Fighters Without Borders, who are now helping to provide gear, equipment and training for the volunteers.





Inspired by the work of Rescate Ambar, the film crew donated their time and skills to help tell the story of Reynaldo and his volunteer team. 

Director & Editor // Mark Bone
Cinematographer // Mark Bone & Matti Haapoja
Executive Producers // Franke Rodriguez,  Jenny Rodriguez
Executive Producers // Richard Cureton, Luc Frappier
Co-Producers // Jessica Gray, Jason Gray
Story Editor  // Matt Donne
Post Production Supervision // Brad Neweduk
Trailer Editor // Mikaela Bodin
Dominican Production Coordinator // Alejandro Gomez
Colourist // Clinton Homuth
Post Sound // Josh Brown
Production Company // Revolver Films Inc

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the Filmmaker

Mark Bone is a documentary & commercial Director based in Toronto, Canada. 

Mark has directed films for brands such as Nike, Mercedes Benz and Nikon. His passion for global issues and humanitarian outreach has brought him to shoot in dozens of countries around the world working with a wide variety of aid organizations.

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